Consumer Class Actions

Consumers who have been taken advantage of by large corporations often feel powerless. Many people don’t have the time or resources to fight to hold large companies accountable. But when a company has harmed a large group of people in similar ways, they can achieve justice by joining together to file a class action lawsuit. Consumer class action lawsuits allow people who have suffered a similar injustice to join forces against a common defendant. To be eligible, members of the class must have suffered a similar harm caused by the same defendant. By using the power of a consumer protection class action lawsuit, people can force big companies to change their ways.

Preston Law Office Fights to Hold Companies Accountable

When you buy a product or use a service, you expect it to perform as advertised. But when businesses deceive customers by promoting products in misleading or inaccurate ways, consumers have a right to be compensated. State and federal laws protect people who have been victims of these types of business practices. Preston Law Offices represents people in consumer rights disputes involving: No matter the type or size of your purchase, you have the right to rely on the companies that sell these goods and services to be honest about their products or services. But not all companies meet this mark. And when these companies violate the law, Preston Law Offices holds them accountable.

Join Forces to Achieve Justice

Preston Law Offices has litigated consumer class action lawsuits in federal and state courts across the country, recovering millions of dollars for “the little guy.” We have handled diverse class action lawsuits involving:
  • Telemarketing litigation under the Telephone Consumer Practices Act (TCPA)
  • Claims under consumer fraud and protection laws
  • Claims under the Fair Debt Collection Act (FDCPA) and the California Rosenthal Act
  • Claims under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)
  • Claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the California Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act (CCRAA)
  • Securities fraud
  • Breach of contract Antitrust

Contingency Fees Means Access to High-Quality Legal Representation

Preston Law Offices handles consumer class action cases on a contingency basis. We typically only get paid when we win or settle a case: our fee is either separate and apart from the recovery or only a percentage of the total recovery. Representing people on a contingency fee allows us to provide access to high-quality legal representation, enabling our clients to vindicate their rights even when their claim would not be economically viable on an individual basis. If your consumer rights have been violated, Preston Law Offices can help. We investigate and litigate consumer class action lawsuits on behalf of individuals and small business who have been harmed by large corporate defendants. Preston Law Offices will evaluate whether you are eligible to participate in a class, explain your options, and work to force companies to change their harmful practices. Contact us today, and we will evaluate your situation to determine whether you have a case.